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01 Domino. Evolved.
02 TS Success Stories. MacGregor Building & Remodeling
03 Brushless Motors. Superior Performance Through Efficiency
04 Kinloch Woodworking. Making Quick Work of Slabs With Rotex & Cristal

Fine Woodworking Magazine Names ETS 150/3 Top Sander Pick

06 Katz Roadshow
07 Festool Communities & Events



Domino. Evolved.


The DOMINO Joiner has evolved.

Beginning August 1st, the Domino will be available with several improvements including a new fence and a new Base Support Bracket. The Domino will also see the addition of a 4mm cutter and tenons which are sold separately (see details below). If you're not familiar with all of the unique advantages of the Domino joiner, visit the Festool USA website for complete product details, features, photos and video.

Domino. Evolved.

Domino. Evolved.

Note: Photo for demonstration purposes only. Always operate your Domino safely per the operating instructions.

The new included Domino fence, which can be purchased separately (495 348), is backward compatible with existing Domino joiners and features square stop flaps which offer improvements over the previous round pins. The square stop flaps are less likely to get caught unintentionally in adjacent mortises and are less likely to be affected by glue residue. The new fence incorporates an improved clear plastic cursor which is now extended further to improve mark alignment.

The new included Base Support Bracket, which can be purchased separately (495 666), is backward compatible with existing Domino joiners and offers additional support across the face of the fence. The new Base Support Bracket now includes integrated flip stops which allow mortises to be plunged closer to the edge of the material. This is particularly useful for narrow workpieces. When using the flip stops, the center of the cut is 20mm (25/32") from the edge versus 37mm (1-15/32") without. The flip stops offer optimal flexibility when using the new 4mm Domino cutter and tenons.

Product Name Product No. Price
New Domino DF 500 Q 574 307 $775.00
New Domino DF 500 Q Set
(Includes Cross & Trim Stops)
574 308 $825.00


The New Domino 4mm Cutter & Tenons

The Domino now offers five (5) cutter sizes and seven (7) tenon sizes to suit a variety of applications depending on material thickness.

The Domino Assortment Systainer (493 301) includes 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm cutters and over 1,100 Domino tenons in assorted lengths and thicknesses. This kit offers the most value when purchasing the Domino and provides convenient storage for your Domino tenons. 4mm cutter and tenons sold separately.

The newest addition to the Domino family is the new 4mm cutter and tenons. We like to call them "tiny tenons". You will notice that the new 4mm cutter is shorter than other Domino cutters. This is required to accommodate the shallow plunge depth.

This new cutter and tenon size expand on the versatility and functionality of the Domino joiner.

Product Name Product No. Price
4mm Domino Cutter 495 663 $30.00
4 x 20mm Domino Tenons, 450-Pack 495 661 $15.50

Drawer Boxes from 1/2" Stock

One of the most obvious applications for the new 4mm Domino accessories is creating drawer boxes from 1/2" material. Use the 4mm cutter and set your Domino joiner to the 20mm plunge depth setting. Because the 4mm cutter is shorter than other cutters, the actual resulting plunge depth will be only 10mm.

For a through tenon, set the plunge depth to 15mm instead and use your Festool Sander to sand the tenon flush to the surface.

Inside & Outside Radius Corners

Another application for the new 4mm tenons is forming moldings for radius corners on walls and furniture. The shorter tenons provide the perfect solution for sturdy joints.


The new 4mm Domino cutter and tenons have broadened the capabilities of this brilliantly simple joiner. Whether you use it for moldings, furniture, picture frames, drawer boxes, or decorative boxes the Domino is sure to exceed your demands and your expectations.

Start working faster, easier, and smarter with the new 4mm Domino cutter and tenons!

For more information, contact your local Festool dealer or preferred Festool online dealer.


Domino. Evolved.

Domino. Evolved.



Domino. Evolved.



Domino. Evolved.

Domino. Evolved.

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TS Success Stories

In June, we asked SysNotes subscribers to provide us with testimonials about their experiences with the Festool TS plunge cut saw and guide rail system. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest and submitted a TS Success Story. It's always a pleasure for us to hear about how Festool is making a positive influence on your quality of workmanship, ease of use and profitability.

After receiving all of the entries, several of us headed off to the Green Room here at Festool USA headquarters to pore over all of the contest submissions. After some discussion, we selected the story that we thought was the best representation of Festool's commitment to working faster, easier and smarter. In the end, we selected the story submitted by Len MacGregor who is now the winner of a free Parallel Guide Set. Here's what Len had to say...

"I am the owner of MacGregor Building & Remodeling, Inc. based in Natick, MA and have been in business for 15 years. Being such a small company I am always looking for ways to run things more efficiently, cut down on labor time and increase productivity.

My company provides all aspects of home improvement from small repairs, to room renovations, and complete new home construction.  The part of my job that I enjoy the most though is having the opportunity to do “custom woodworking".   As anyone who has done any of this work knows, it takes a considerable amount of space to set up for even the smallest job. One major problem that I have always been confronted with was achieving acceptable rips of sheet materials.  To set up a saw, in-feed and out-feed table in my space is impossible.  In the course of the TS 55 demo at a recent JLC Live event, I witnessed the ease of set-up, superb quality of the cut and, ultimately, how little room was necessary for its use.  Seeing these things, it quickly became clear that I needed this saw!

Although I wasn't at first certain how I would employ the saw, it wasn't long before the perfect application presented itself.  I had recently begun an exterior renovation, which was just then presenting a significant design dilemma.  I had finished installing and trimming the windows on a 3-story, 45deg bay on the front of the house when I realized that there just wasn't enough room for siding below the windows.  I really wanted the bay to stand out and the recessed panels just didn't seem to accomplish the goal.  At this point, I decided that I would install full-coverage raised panels to the bay.

I considered outsourcing this part of the project to several companies, but the cost, lead time and need to pull together detailed design specs made me decide to have a go at them myself.  I took all my measurements, stopped at the lumber yard to pick up all of the Koma I needed and headed to the shop to get started.  Because I wanted the panels to match the width of the windows, my rail and stile size were all different dimensions. 

Starting with sheet goods, I was able to use the TS saw to rip each piece to exactly the size I needed, virtually eliminating any waste.  Considering the cost of these composite materials, this was a huge factor.  Also, the ease with which I was able to make several cuts (using two 55" rails, coupled) with only a set of horses and a couple of 2X4s as a base was fantastic!  After milling down 4 sheets of ¾" plastic composite to 9 raised panels without having to wrestle a single full sheet through a table saw in a cramped space by myself was like a little slice of heaven.  After assembling all 9 panels, I made my compound miter cuts on the ends, and brought them to the job site.  With a little scribing on the tops, they fell together as though they were all one piece.

Now looking back at this project, when I figure my time and material costs, I am confident that I saved roughly $800 over my lowest quote.  At the same time, I was able to construct them to exactly the dimensions that I wanted, and easily completed the install within 3 days of first deciding to make them on my own.  All on top of achieving the precise finish product I was looking for!

Prior to owning the TS saw, I probably would not have attempted this job.  If I had, there would surely have been a considerable amount of head-scratching, and I may have ultimately conceded a loss on the project.  Following this project, I realized a lot of new possibilities and potential for my small company & shop.  I have several ideas on the drawing board right now (my 6-yr old daughter's desk at the top of the list) and I can't wait to see what else I can do with my TS 55.  My way of thinking used to be that as a small business I couldn't afford to own Festool... Now I realize that I can't afford not to!"

~ Len MacGregor


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Brushless Motors


Festool cordless drills deliver epic amounts of power and torque when compared to competitor's models. For those of you who now own a Festool drill, this will come as no surprise since you have experienced it first hand. One reason that Festool cordless drills can attain performance levels that leave you reeling in astonishment is the use of the brushless motor (available in C 12 and T+3 series drills).

The brushless motor technology employed by Festool has been proven to provide high efficiency and longevity versus the standard DC motors used in nearly all other cordless drills. Brushless motors are generally 60% more efficient. This allows Festool cordless drills to make better use of the available energy generated by the battery. For you car fanatics, this is like comparing an engine's horsepower rating to the actual horsepower at the wheels. What really matters is the amount of power and torque generated at the bit. As a comparison, the Festool T15+3 14.4 volt cordless drill delivers 11.5 volts at the bit while a standard 24 volt cordless drill would offer about 12 volts at the bit.

The long term advantage comes from the lack of wearable parts in a brushless motor. This means that your Festool cordless drill will not have the same wear and cost of replacement brushes associated with other drills. The advanced technology used in the Festool T+3 cordless drills allow us to offer a 3-year warranty on the drill, charger and batteries.

Visit the Festool USA website for more information about the new Festool T+3 Lithium Ion cordless drills featuring brushless motor technology.

T+3 Performance

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Kinloch Woodworking

Doug Mooberry builds incredible American furniture inspired by antiques, but adds his unique Kinloch Woodworking creative touches to every piece. Founded in 1982, Kinloch Woodworking has assembled a massive portfolio full of examples of awe-inspiring woodworking prowess. As stated on their website, "Details Do Matter" and attention to those details is important and what makes the furniture they produced collectable.

Kinloch WoodworkingYou may recognize the monstrous slab of wood used in the table in the photo to the right. Ok, give up? It's featured in an article entitled Success With Large Slabs in the August issue of Fine Woodworking magazine. In the article, Mooberry discusses the methods for selecting, working with and incorporating large slabs into furniture design.

In a recent visit to Kinloch Woodworking in Pennsylvania, Tom Loveless of Festool USA talked with Doug about some of the challenges faced in dealing with these beautiful hardwoods. Doug identified dust collection and the speed at which material was removed when sanding as areas that he would like to improve. With the addition of a Festool CT 22 dust extractor with boom arm attachment, the RAS 115.04 E Rotary sander, the Festool RO 150 FEQ Rotex sander and the use of Festool's highly aggressive Cristal sanding abrasives, the process of finishing is vastly improved.

Kinloch WoodworkingHere's what Doug had to say about the addition of Festool to his shop...

"Grinding and sanding large slabs has always been slow, which means it's expensive from a labor perspective. It used to be a very noisy and dirty process which just adds to the fatigue and we worked in an environment covered in sanding dust and debris.  Then, we tried the Festool solution.  These tools are really great! Fast, quiet and with the dust extractor all the dust magically disappears.  We use the Rotex for most sanding but when you really need to remove lots of material the RAS 115 is just the tool.  Great designs that allow much greater productivity and profitability."

Festool's comprehensive line of sanding abrasives offers optimal material removal and long life. Cristal is the most aggressive of our abrasives offerings and incorporates a durable aluminum oxide bonding material and no load coating which makes it a top performer for rapid removal. Cristal stays cool and won't clog which prolongs abrasive and pad life. Festool's patented JetStream technology results in unsurpassed dust extraction and abrasives that last up to 30% longer.

Festool sanders and abrasives can tackle the most demanding jobs and make the arduous process of sanding a more enjoyable experience. For more information about Festool's complete line of sanding abrasives, check out the Festool Abrasives Decision Guide (PDF).

PDF Success With Large Slabs, Fine Woodworking, August 2009
Webpage Kinloch Woodworking Website

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ETS 150 Wins Best Value Award


Recently, the editors of Fine Woodworking (FWW) posted an online review comparing 6-inch Random Orbit Sanders and selected the Festool ETS 150/3 as the Author's Choice for Best Overall sander.

As with all Festool power tools, ergonomics are a primary design consideration. FWW stated that the ETS 150/3 was the easiest sander to control, with no vibration or wobble. They noted that the ETS 150/3 was actually so stable that it could be controlled using a single finger. In fact, it was the only sander in the test group that was rated as having "excellent" handling on both wide and narrow stock. The ETS 150/3 was rated with the lowest noise level at just 86db. Just more evidence that the ergonomic design features of Festool sanders prevent fatigue and offer the most comfortable operating conditions for the user.

The ETS 150/3 was able to achieve up to 100% dust collection when combined with a Festool CT dust extractor and removed the most material when compared to other similar sanders. Notably, FWW used the Festool CT to test dust collection capabilities of all of the sanders. There's little doubt that Festool has become synonymous with sensational dust extraction.

If you're looking to add a great finishing sander to your arsenal, you should definitely consider the Festool ETS 150/3 or 150/5 random orbit sander.

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Katz Roadshow


As a professional, you'll want to attend the Katz Roadshow before your competition does! The Katz Roadshow is a great (and completely free) opportunity for you to see industry leaders put Festool power tools to the test in real-world applications, while demonstrating methods to increase competency and proficiency.

For Festool it serves two purposes; we are educating professionals on what makes our products work together as a system, while giving back to the trade community. Festool understands that it's a combination of advantages created by superior products, and advanced techniques that ultimately take your work to the next level. Gary and Mike's presentations exemplify this balance. There are few presentations that deliver the value obtained from attending the Katz Roadshow.

Gary Katz and Mike Sloggatt, in their respective clinics, teach the techniques that they have hung their hats on for years, stressing the importance of doing it the right way. They are no strangers to the industry, having enjoyed the success of the Journal of Light Construction Live clinics and from countless years of successful work in their private practices in the construction industry. Attend a show to learn from Gary and Mike about how great tools, combined with great methods can help you to differentiate yourself in the market, thus making you more attractive to your prospective clients.

We encourage you to register early to reserve your space.

Upcoming Katz Roadshow Events

Register Date Roadshow Host Location
Register 8/3 Sears Tostel Lumber Fort Collins, CO
Register 8/5 Sunroc Lumber Salt Lake City, UT
Register 8/10 Builders Alliance Bellingham, WA
Register 8/12 Dunn Lumber Bellevue, WA
Register 10/5 Lincoln Hardwood & Tool Lincoln, NE
Register 10/12 Carter Lee Lumber Co. Indianapolis, IN
Register 10/14 Home Lumber New Haven, IN
Register 10/16 Neu's Building Supply Menomonee Falls, WI
Register 10/27 - 10/30 Indiana Convention Center, Remodeling Show Indianapolis, IN
Register 12/5 Anderson Plywood Culver City, CA
Register 12/10 Dolan Lumber Walnut Creek, CA
Register 12/12 Beronio Lumber San Francisco, CA

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