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01 "Festool's MFT Grows Up" - by Per Swenson

Win A Free DTS 400 EQ Sander- 2nd Annual Festimonial Giveaway


Straight Talk About Straight Cuts

04 Festool Facts: Striving For Perfection
05 Festool Fall 2008 Promotions - Save With These Limited Time Offers
06 "Creating Large Mortises With The OF 1400 Router And Plexiglas Template" - by Eiji Fuller
07 Festool User Communities & Events




Recently, Per Swenson, a Festool power user, provided us with an article about the next generation of Festool multifunction tables, the MFT/3. The MFT/3 is probably one of the most underrated workshop and jobsite solutions. Per discusses the improvements for the new multifunction table and gives candid examples of how it lets him work faster, easier, smarter and how it integrates seamlessly with other components of the Festool system.

Festool's MFT Grows UpDownload a PDF version of the "Festool's MFT Grows Up." by Per Swenson (1MB).

Swenson Bar"The new Festool MFT/3 addresses all the issues we have as commercial carpenters. In our business you don't make money when set up of tools is repetitive or time consuming."

The Swensons are phenomenal at their craft and have produced some amazing examples of what can be done when the right tools are in the right hands. In the photo to the right, you can see that these guys mean business when it comes to producing examples of woodworking with a high level of attention to detail.

I recommend that you visit their website and take a look at their photo gallery from this project to truly appreciate their artisanship.

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Festimonial Giveaway

Now it's time to open up our Festimonial Giveaway to include all of our tools. Visit the Festimonial submission form on our website and tell us about how any of your Festool power tools and storage system components help you to work Faster, Easier or Smarter. If you own more than one of our products, we welcome you to submit multiple Festimonials and increase your chances of winning. There's no limit to the amount of text you can enter, so say as much or as little as you want.

On October 31st, we will randomly select one of the Festimonial entries to win a DTS 400 EQ Sander. Four second place winners will be selected from the Festimonial entries for our new products for 2008: the MFT/3 Multifunction Table, MFK 700 Trim Router, OF 2000 Router and Kapex SCMS. The second place winners will be selected by a panel of Festool employees and will receive a Festool Kapex t-shirt, Festool safety glasses and Festool tape measure.

Visit Website

We would like to extend a special thank you to everyone who participated in the first part of our 2008 Festimonial Giveaway and to congratulate our winner of an ETS 125 EQ Sander, Mark McGrane of Racine, WI. With a 16,000 square foot shop in the Chicago area where, according to Mark's website, they use only the finest materials, we are sure the ETS sander will be made good use of.

Here are a few of our favorite Festimonials that were received over the past two weeks in the first part of our Festimonial contest.

"My systainers help to keep all my Festool equipment organized and ready to go when I need them. These sturdy systainers really stand up to abuse in my shop. They take a licking and keep on Systaining."

Ed Sturdivant, Wilkesboro, NC

"The ease factor definitely comes into play with this jigsaw. Couple that with ergonomics and less strain to do the same work, this tool is a winner."

Richard Fomuke, Land O' Lakes, FL

"WOW! I had the opportunity to try a LEX series sander and I felt as though I was driving a luxury car! The turns were easy, the driving was smooth and it felt more like fun than work. When I was done, the scratch pattern was virtually invisible and cleanup was already done! All the fun and none of the work I usually associate with my woodworking projects. "

Nancy Diamond, Wolfeboro, NH

"The HL 850 E Planer is simply the smoothest cutting, quietest, cleanest, most civilized and thoroughly designed portable  power planer I have ever had the pleasure to own and use."

Curtis Paddock, Haiku, HI

All entries become the property of Festool USA and may be used for marketing purposes. Must be a resident of the United States or Canada and over the age of 18. Employees and family of employees of Tooltechnic Systems are not eligible to enter.

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TS Plunge Saws

Straight Talk…About Straight Cuts.

There are a lot of people who still believe you can only get straight, splinter-free cuts in a shop using expensive panel saws, table saws, and CNC equipment.  Getting quality cuts with portable power tools doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.  The truth is…that with the right tools, anyone can get great results in the shop or on the jobsite.   Straight, splinter-free cuts are easy, once you know the secret.

We patented our innovative guide rail system in 1964, and have continuously set new and higher standards for precision cutting with plunge cut saws.  Learn why professionals continue to turn to Festool when they need perfectly straight, splinter-free cuts on both sides of the blade in our new Festool TS Plunge Cut Saw brochure.

Festool's MFT Grows UpDownload a PDF version of the "Festool TS Plunge Cut Saw Brochure." (1MB).


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Festool Facts. Striving For Perfection.

In the last edition of SysNotes, I talked about the level of integrity used in the production of our products. Think about this... If I told you that I would become your cell phone provider and guaranteed that your phone would work 99% of the time would that be acceptable? That means that 14 minutes of every day your phone would not work. Not so great after all, huh?

I don't know about you but it's almost uncomprehensible to think about something in terms of millions. When is the last time you counted a million of something?

We measure our tolerances in terms of parts per million. Ok, what's the big deal? The big deal is that our parts suppliers need to meet very strict tolerances and most of them have fewer than 60 parts per million (or 99.994%) that do not meet those tolerances. Let me give an example of a strict tolerance to put things into perspective. There's a part in our Rotex sanders that has a specification of an 8mm diameter with a tolerance of 8 microns. A micron is 1/75th the width of a human hair.

In simple terms, that means we strive for perfection because we want to provide you with the best tools in the world.

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Fall 2008 Promotions


Now is the perfect time to save on great offers from Festool. For a limited time, we are offering the following products through participating Festool dealers:

Look for additional Fall Promotion offerings from Festool in our next edition of SysNotes. Contact your preferred Festool dealer for more information and availability.


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Eiji Fuller

"I was recently commissioned to build some entry doors in the same style of a set I had previously built for a different client. The original doors' joinery was traditional mortise and tenon. The mortises were cut using a large plunge router,  edge guide, and a jig that trapped the edge guide's fence. The tenons were cut on the router table. While the outcome was acceptable I wanted a simpler set up this time around. I also had more than double the number of doors to build and in a small shop simplifying things is about all you can do to stay efficient.
Eiji FullerI have a Festool Domino machine and feel that the M&T joints created with the Domino would have been strong enough for this application, yet I wanted to give it a try with the OF1400 and OF-FH (now called "Plexiglas template").

The OF-FH template attaches to the base of the OF1400 with 2 provided screws through pre-drilled holes. There is a small amount (less than 1mm) of play in the mounting holes and a centering mandrel would be a quick way to ensure the router is mounted perfectly centered on the template.

It is not necessary for the router to be perfectly centered on the template to have perfectly matching mortises. You just have to be concious about the orientation of the template to each work piece. Somewhat like using the domino fence to register off the face of each piece, you have one leg of the template reference off the same face of each piece. I used blue tape on the refence leg of the template and placed bits of blue tape on the reference side of each piece getting mortised to keep everything simple. Centering the template on the workpiece is a matter of adjusting the legs to be snug to the workpiece and read the same on the centering scales on each end of the template. There are also etched center lines that can be adjusted to a pencil line if offset mortises are needed.

Eiji Fuller

I made some plywood gauges to mark the start and endpoints of the mortises. Make sure to use the appropriate colored sharpie. It is green if you can't tell.

I am using a 2-1/2" long, 1/2" diameter mortising bit. I align the edge of the bit with the end of the mortise and plunge to full depth. In this case the depth is 50mm or just under 2". I repeat that at the other end of the mortise. There is now a 1/2" x 2" deep hole at each end of the mortise. Eiji Fuller

The mortise can now be completed with a series of 1/4" to 3/8" passes connecting the holes. When nearing the full depth of the view of the mortise is blocked by the router and I rely on my hearing to tell when I have reached the hole. When the bit reaches the hole the pitch of the router increases due to the lessened load on the bit. I slow the progression a bit and stop when I hear the bit engage the end of the mortise.

Eiji Fuller

The best part of this method is that once the router and template is set up the same procedure is used for all the pieces. All the rail mortises are cut then all the stile mortises are cut using the same set up.

Once all the mortises are cut, I mill the tenons. I have used up a bit of scrap mahogany and thickness them for a slip fit with a little play along the length and no play in the width. It is not necessary to have a matching round over on the tenons. I have just chamfered the edge on the jointer prior to cutting them to length.

Eiji Fuller

The test fit (shown above) resulted in excellent alignment of the parts. The creation of mortises for slip tenon joinery made easy by using the Festool OF1400 and OF-FH Plexiglas template."

Thanks, Eiji. Now that's working Faster, Easier, Smarter.

Eiji Fuller

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