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01 Festool Owners Group: A Place to Connect With Other Pros and Hobbyists
02 EHL 65 E Planer: Now Available!
03 Fall 2009: New Products and Promotions!
04 Flipping Cool: The Mobile Saw Table by Marte Yerkins
05 AWFS 2009 Recap: What You Missed at the Tradeshow
06 Celebrate Oktoberfest! Limited Edition Festool Handcrafted Steins
07 Katz Roadshow
08 Festool Communities & Events



Festool Owners Group


With nearly 7,000 members, the Festool Owners Group (FOG) is an online community of woodworkers, remodelers, furniture makers, cabinet makers and other professionals and hobbyists. The members of the forum have a common goal of sharing knowledge, experiences and advice in a friendly environment this is open and welcome to all. We would like to invite you to join the discussions and explore the vast resources available on the Festool Owners Group.

Membership has it's advantages.

FOG End User TrainingRecently, the members of the FOG were given the opportunity to complete a survey and then selected as guests to visit the Festool USA headquarters for training. This is the first step toward Festool implementing end-user training classes. Of the entrants, eleven members were selected to attend. They spent two days at our facilities expanding their knowledge and understanding of Festool power tools, accessories, tips, and applications. They were also given a sneak peek at some of the products that are on the horizon. In the future, Festool will continue to be involved with the Festool Owners Group and provide exclusive opportunities to its members.

Register Today!

Anyone can visit the FOG as a guest, but registering allows you to view photos and gain access to some content not available to guests. It's a very short and simple process to create a new account. Simply visit the account registration page to get started.

What are some of the recent topics of interest on the FOG?

Below we have listed some of the recent popular topics on the forum. This is just a sample of the wealth of information that you can find by visiting and participating.

Community Link Festool End User Training
Community Link New Product - Festool CMS
Community Link Parallel Guides on YouTube?
Community Link MFK 700 for Veneer Edge Trimming?
Community Link Screw Clamping Tip
Community Link An Easier Way to Attach the Plug-It Cord to the TS Saw

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EHL 65 Launch


Festool has launched the EHL 65 E one-handed planer on September 1st, 2009. If you're in the market for a planer, be sure to check out the new EHL 65! Contact your local Festool dealer or preferred online Festool dealer for availability.

Smooth cuts are just part of the story with Festool planers. When planing carcasses, trim, panels, or doors, the one-handed EHL 65 is both ergonomic and powerful. With depth control that can be adjusted on-the-fly, spiral cutterhead, and 720 watts (6.0 Amps), the EHL 65 planer fits the bill for most planing applications. The base of the EHL 65 planer features an angled groove for chamfering operations, with the size of the chamfer being controlled by the depth of cut that can be controlled in 1/256" increments.

So many trimming and planing tasks require working in awkward and sometimes difficult-to-reach areas. Being able to control the planer with one hand allows easy access for challenging cuts, while leaving one hand free to help secure the material. Not only does the EHL 65 planer allow for one handed use, it also produces clean and smooth shear cuts. The spiral single-knife cutterhead cuts quickly, quietly, and cleanly for less re-work and great results. Conveniently arrange the dust collection port on either side of the machine for optimum extraction. It is a simple and straightforward machine that performs like no other.

Learn more about the EHL 65 E Planer...

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Fall 2009 Promos


Take advantage of exciting new products and promotions from Festool for Fall 2009! Some products are available in limited quantities. Contact your local Festool dealer or preferred online Festool dealer for availability.


Available October 1st, 2009  

T 12+3 Cordless Drill
Price: $400.00
Item # 564216

T 15+3 Cordless Drill
Price: $450.00
Item # 564227

The new T+3 lithium ion cordless drills will be made available without the Eccentric and Right Angle chucks, which are currently included in the set version. This standard version will include the Centrotec Chuck Starter Set and 1/2" Drill Chuck only but is shipped in the new SYS 2 Attic Storage systainer (shown below).

T+3 Drill

New Systainer with Attic Storage
Price: $70.00
Item # 496153

  • Features segmented "Attic" storage for bits, drivers, fasteners, and other small parts (includes dividers)
  • Systainer inserts can be ordered as spare parts. SYS-2 Attic does not include a systainer insert.
  • Organize, store, protect, and transport
Sys 2 Attic

HSK-D-150 Round Sanding Block (Soft)
Price: $25.00
Item # 495965

HSK-D-150 Round Sanding Block (Hard)
Price: $25.00
Item # 495966

  • Ergonomic, comfortable design is easy on the hands
  • Round design (wrapped) compatible with full line of Festool 6" (150mm) abrasives, the same abrasives used with the Rotex RO 150 and ETS 150 sanders.
  • Hard pad for coarse sanding and shaping tasks
  • Soft pad for fine sanding and touch ups
Sanding Blocks

HSK-80x133 Rectangular Sanding Block (Hard)
Price: $25.00
Item # 495967

  • Hard rectangular pad –for edge work and corners
  • Rectangular design compatible with full line of Festool 80x133mm abrasives, the same abrasives used with the RTS 400 and LS 130 sanders.
Sanding Block

HSK-SET Sanding Block Set + SYS MINI (a $26.00 value)
Price: $75.00
Item # M0107

  • Accomplish all your hand sanding tasks with the full range of Festool HSK Sanding Blocks
  • SYS MINI provides ideal storage solution
  • SYS MINI included for free!

* SYS MINI may be sold in green or gray. Please check with dealer prior to purchase for systainer color.

Sanding Blocks + SYS MINI


Available November 1st, 2009  

FastFix LED + Headlamp
Price: $25.00
Item # 496927

  • Superbright LED sheds light where you need it most
  • Can be attached to the drill in 2 positions (with Centrotec chuck), above or below the chuck.
  • Works with all existing and previous Festool drills equipped with FastFix (T+3, C12, TDK, TDD, CDD models)
  • Performs double-duty as headlamp (includes strap)
  • Does not deplete drill battery and features on/off switch on both sides
  • Includes AAA battery
FastFix LED

48" Installer′s Level by Stabila
Price: $150.00
Item #M0106

This 48" lighted-vial level is the ideal solution for window/door and cabinet installers, as well as remodelers of all types. Limited quantities, while supplies last at participating Festool dealers.

  • Equipped with lighted vials for enhanced visibility in low-light jobsite environments
  • Integrated Imperial/Metric scale is based on a zero centerpoint for easy layouts
  • Designed and manufactured exclusively for Festool by Stabila
  • Made in Germany
Stabila Level

2-Meter Carpenter's Folding Ruler by Stabila
Price: $25.00
Item #M0110

This two meter Carpenter's Ruler is a mainstay for carpenters, installers, or just about anyone with a project demanding precise measuring and layout. Limited quantities, while supplies last at participating Festool dealers.

  • Includes both Imperial/Metric scales for simple and efficient measuring and layout
  • Sturdy wood construction, with brass joint fittings
  • 2 Meters in length
  • Designed and manufactured exclusively for Festool by Stabila
  • Made in Germany
Stabila Ruler

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Mobile Saw Table


A special thanks to Marte Yerkins for sharing his project for building a mobile saw table which can be folded for storage. At the bottom of this article, you will have the opportunity to download complete project plans and instructions. Here's what Marte had to say...

"I operate a one-man shop and I have recognized the advantages of the Festool circular saw system versus purchasing a panel saw or sliding table saw for breaking down panels into manageable pieces for my table saw. After years of clamping panels to a large workbench and plopping down a spoil board for the numerous kerfs, I started thinking about a better method. Space and work surfaces are at a premium in my 3,000 sqft. shop so portability was a major requirement.

I established my criteria before I started designing:

  • Must be mobile but stable when parked. This meant using good quality casters that would roll over
    things like power cords and a heavy duty brakes that would lock the wheel and the swivel.
  • Must fold down into a tight package so it can be stored out of the way when not in use.
  • Must have the ability to clamp panels less than a full 4' x 8' or at irregular angles so this meant that
    the table top could not be solid.
  • Must be at a compatible work height with my other work benches.
  • Must have a means where one person of slight stature (me) can load a typical sheet of ¾" panel stock
    from a vertical position safely onto the table top.

What I came up with was a grid table top that pivots on a mobile base and locks in a horizontal or vertical
position. Although it would have been ideal to incorporate an integral panel lift, it was not possible because the edge of the pivoting top was too far off the floor in the vertical position. The attached drawings show the construction details and material list.

Case MarteYou will notice that the overall dimensions are precise to the 1/16". The construction was based on 4/4 poplar that I purchase pre-surfaced from my lumber supplier which nets out at 13/16" thick. I saw no reason to mill it down to 3/4" so the design was made for the grid to be on a 1/2" increment which is easier to set up and follow."

Read the rest of Marte's tutorial (in PDF format) Case Marte about the Mobile Saw Table, complete with blueprints and instructions for making your own.

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AWFS Recap


Festool exhibited at the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas, Nevada from July 15-18th. We were one of the busiest booths and discussed the virtues of the Festool system with thousands of people. Our 2000 square foot booth (#5823) included six demo stations showcasing all of the major tools, including the newest products: T 12+3 and T 15+3 cordless drill/drivers, TS parallel guide and extension set, and the Kapex extension set. Not-yet released products were also featured: EHL 65 One-handed planer, updated Domino and accessories, and hand sanding blocks.

We gave away Festool t-shirts and a tool package, consisting of the TS 55 plunge cut saw, parallel guide extension set, and CT 22 dust extractor. Thank you to everyone who entered the contest and congratulations to Gene Monaco from Spokane, Washington for winning this great package!

For those who stopped by our booth, thank you! We hope you enjoyed the show and look forward to seeing you at AWFS, July 20-23, 2011 or any of our shows coming up in 2009 and 2010!

Tradeshow Show Date Location Booth #
Remodeling Show
Free Pass - Register by Sept. 28th, 2009
October 28-30, 2009 Indianapolis, IN Booth # 1021
IBS (International Builders’ Show)
Free Pass - Register by Dec. 11th, 2009
January 19-22, 2010 Las Vegas, NV Booth #C3255
International Countertop Expo February 6-9, 2010 Las Vegas, NV Booth #407
JLCLIVE Residential Construction Show March 26-27, 2010 Providence, RI  
IWF (International Woodworking Machinery & Furniture) August 25-28, 2010 Atlanta, GA Booth #7029


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Festool Stein


Join Festool in celebrating 80 years of heritage with this limited collectors edition stein, handcrafted in Germany. Festool has positioned itself as an innovator in the power tool industry and is probably best known for its revolutionary plunge cut saw and guide rail system. We would like to invite you to join us in celebrating this 80 years of innovation, which is commemorated with these collector steins. Begin by taking a moment to learn more about our steins or order yours now.

Be the envy of your woodworking buddies by sporting this limited edition Festool stein, made in Germany. Buy one for yourself or give it as the perfect gift for someone in your life who loves the fine art of woodworking. Whether used as a conversation piece, as a collectible or to hold your favorite spirits, you will be sure to enjoy your stein for many years to come. Only 2,000 were made and each stein is individually numbered.

Order now and receive a free Wood Magazine downloadable bookcase plan (a $8.95 value) offering three design style options.

Order Yours Today!

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Katz Roadshow


As a professional, you'll want to attend the Katz Roadshow before your competition does! The Katz Roadshow is a great (and completely free) opportunity for you to see industry leaders put Festool power tools to the test in real-world applications, while demonstrating methods to increase competency and proficiency.

For Festool it serves two purposes; we are educating professionals on what makes our products work together as a system, while giving back to the trade community. Festool understands that it's a combination of advantages created by superior products, and advanced techniques that ultimately take your work to the next level. Gary and Mike's presentations exemplify this balance. There are few presentations that deliver the value obtained from attending the Katz Roadshow.

Gary Katz and Mike Sloggatt, in their respective clinics, teach the techniques that they have hung their hats on for years, stressing the importance of doing it the right way. They are no strangers to the industry, having enjoyed the success of the Journal of Light Construction Live clinics and from countless years of successful work in their private practices in the construction industry. Attend a show to learn from Gary and Mike about how great tools, combined with great methods can help you to differentiate yourself in the market, thus making you more attractive to your prospective clients.

We encourage you to register early to reserve your space.

Upcoming Katz Roadshow Events

Register Date Roadshow Host Location
Register 10/5 Lincoln Hardwood & Tool Lincoln, NE
Register 10/12 Carter Lee Lumber Co. Indianapolis, IN
Register 10/14 Home Lumber New Haven, IN
Register 10/16 Neu's Building Supply Menomonee Falls, WI
Register 10/27 - 10/30 Indiana Convention Center, Remodeling Show Indianapolis, IN
Register 12/5 Anderson Plywood Culver City, CA
Register 12/10 Dolan Lumber Walnut Creek, CA
Register 12/12 Beronio Lumber San Francisco, CA

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Festool Events


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