HEPA Dust Extractors Accessories

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Non-Antistatic Hose, 50mm x 2.5m

1-15/16 in x 8.25 ft (50 mm x 2.5 m).



CT 33 Filter Bag 20-Pack

Filter bag captures and contains dust and debris, helping you work cleaner and more efficiently.



Filter Bag, 5x

Filter Bag captures and contains dust and debris for easy and clean disposal.



Stainless Steel Extension Tube

3 piece, 37 1/2" (950 mm) D 36.



Industrial Floor Nozzle

High-quality industrial design; aluminum.



Dust Extractor Tube, Curved Stainless Steel

To connect tubes to extraction hose for comfortable grip.



Hose Sleeve, Antistatic Angle Adapter

Replacement elbow hose end for connection with CT MIDI or CT MINI.



CT 33 Dirt Trap For Wet Operation

Enhances the use of your CT 33 for wet extraction by providing a removable container for the clean and efficient disposal of liquids.



Replacement filter for SR-Series Dust Extractors

Filters residual dust not retained by the filter bag so that clean air is directed back into the room.



Handle for CT 26/36 Dust Extractors

Easily transport CT to and from the jobsite or around the shop.

121 Products
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