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Centrotec Drill Bits for Cordless Drills

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No. 493441


Twist drill bit HSS D5/52

HSS Spiral Drill Bits, 5.0mm.

No. 495130


Stubby Brad Point Bit Set 3-8mm

High-alloy steel with center point and 2 cutters for drilling quick, clean holes.

No. 493443


Twist drill bit HSS D6/57 repl

HSS Spiral Drill Bits, 6.0mm.

No. 493442


Twist drill bit HSS D5.5/57

HSS Spiral Drill Bits, 5.5mm.

No. 493444


Twist drill bit HSS D6.5/63

HSS Spiral Drill Bits, 6.5mm.

35 Products
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