Interchangable Chucks for Cordless Drills

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No. 490293


Fastfix Right Angle Chuck

Allows you to drive screws or drill holes in extremely tight or hard to reach spaces without the need for dedicated tools.

No. 490294


Fastfix Eccentric Chuck

Enables close-quarters drilling and driving, allowing you to get holes and fasteners near-perfectly adjacent to walls and into corners.

No. 493539


Fastfix Depth Stop Chuck

Save time: set it once and forget it, without the need to constantly adjust torque settings on drill .

No. 492135


Centrotec Chuck

Save time changing between drill and screw bits with the quick-change Centrotec System.

No. 496905


FastFix Keyless Ratcheting Chuck

The 1/2" FastFix keyless chuck, allows you to quickly and easily change to any other FastFix chuck without tools.

No. 496450


Keyless Chuck Centrotec Adapter

Provides a simple way to make any drill compatible with Festool Centrotec chucks and accessories.

6 Products
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