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No. 482107


Guide Rail Connector

Connect a limitless number of guide rails for long cuts with Festool Guide Rail Connectors.

No. 489022


Guide Rail Deflector

Work more efficiently by preventing your suction hose and cords from getting snagged on the end of your guide rail .

No. 466357


Guide Rail Tote Bag

Durable nylon construction protects your guide rails from scratches and dings during transport or storage.

No. 491588


Angle Unit

Quickly and accurately set angles for cutting or routing with the Festool FS guide rails.

No. 497657


Guide Rail Accessory Kit

A complete kit to maximize the value of your FS guide rails when used with your Festool plunge saw or router.

No. 496938


LR 32 Guide Rail Index

Use the new LR 32 Guide Rail Connector to precisely align multiple LR 32 style rails for precision hole drilling in larger workpieces*.

6 Products
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