HEPA Dust Extractors Accessories

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No. 500483


Drill Dust Collection Nozzle

For drilling in floors, walls and ceilings up to a maximum of 12mm (1/2") to reduce dust or debris.

No. 498361


WCR 1000 Workcenter Spray Gun Hook

Optional paint gun hook for the Festool WCR 1000 Workcenter.

No. 499742


Anti-Static Hose, Tapered D32/27 with Angle Adapter, 3.5m Long

With rotating adapter and reducing sleeve.

No. 500592


Upholstery Brush, D36

Supplied with and stores inside the CT SYS.

No. 500438


Filter Bag, 5x

Filter Bag captures and contains dust and debris for easy and clean disposal.

No. 500642


Longlife Filter Bag

Re-usable heavy-duty Filter Bag with integrated cap.

No. 500532


Shoulder Strap SYS-TG

Configurable and adjustable Shoulder Strap included with CT SYS for ease of transport.

No. 200340


Filter Element CT SYS HEPA

HEPA Main Filter captures 99.

No. 500593


No. 500559


Suction Hose, 3 M – AS

Antistatic hose with universal connector for Festool tools.

121 Products
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