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HEPA Dust Extractors Accessories

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No. M0114


CT Boom Arm Bundle Set

Keep your cord and hose up and out of your way for more efficient work during sanding, sawing, routing or planing.

No. 497702


Universal Cleaning Set

Rigid, light weight, crack-resistant polypropylene tubes and nozzles won't ding or mar your client's floors, walls, or furniture.

No. 484733


Spark Trap

For use as a spark arrestor during operations that may generate sparks, i.e. sanding or sawing metal.

No. 493558


Boom Arm Tool Holder

Convenient storage and cradle of two electric sanders for use with the CT Boom Arm Workcenter.

No. 495802


Handle for CT 26/36 Dust Extractors

Easily transport CT to and from the jobsite or around the shop.

No. 496170


Main Filter Element for CT 26 and CT 36

Filtration of particles down to one (1) micron in size.

No. 497701


Workshop Cleaning Set

Rugged stainless steel construction for a long service life in virtually any environment, especially commercial shops or industrial settings.

No. 496169


Wet Filter for CT 26 and CT 36

Use wet filter in place of main filter when vacuuming water.

No. 496121


Longlife Filter Bag Longlife for CT 36

A cost-effective alternative to diposable filter bags.

No. 497926


CT Dust Extractor Blast Gate

Provides a mechanism for easy, deep cleaning of the Festool CT AutoClean filter.

74 Products
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