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No. 485018


Angle Stop

Provides a guide, or fence for secure and precise material planing at any angle between 0 and 45 degrees.

No. 484509


Chip Collection Bag

Effective at capturing debris in instances where active dust extraction is unavailable.

No. 484513


Parallel Stop

Replacement Parallel Stop for the HL 850 E Planer.

No. 484507


Suction Adapter For Sb-Hl

Attaches to left ot right side of the planer for operator convenience .

No. 484512


Rabbet Depth Stop

Replacement Rabbet Depth Stop for the Festool HL 850 E Planer.

No. 497696


Sys 2 Vari

Double-diced foam insert can be easily cut and configured for secure transport and storage of delicate or fragile parts or tools.

6 Products
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