Other Accessories for Routers

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No. 490656


Plug-It Replacement Cord

Easily replace damaged cords yourself.

No. 438608


Support Foot

Replacement helps to keep router from tipping when used with guide rail.

No. 488754


Fine Adjustment

Allows for precise adjustment of guide stop or edging plate.

No. 493233


Table Widener

Expand functionality of OF 1400 router since larger hole diameter of table widener allows use of larger bits.

No. 486058


Edging Plate

Expand functionality of OF 1010 and OF 1400 routers.

No. 492000


Dust Hood

Save clean up time.

No. 492574


Small Bore Base

Allows for faster and easier corner routing.

No. 486242


Chip Deflector

Improves dust extraction.

No. 484453


Dust Extraction Hood

Improves dust extraction.

No. 486534


Copier Scanning Set

Expand functionality of OF 1010 router.

27 Products
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