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1 2 Shank for Router Bits

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No. 491082


Flush trim bit HW 19/20mm

Flush trim bit, HW, D19/20 WM Z2K2, shank dia.

No. 491084


Edge trimming bit HW 30.5mm

Edge trimming bit, HW Z2, D30.

No. 491080


Straight bit HW 12x30mm

Straight bit, HW, D12/30 WP Z1, shank dia.

No. 491078


Straight bit HW 8x20mm

Straight bit, HW D8/20 WP Z1, shank dia.

No. 491079


Straight bit HW 10x25mm

Straight bit, HW, D10/25 WP Z1, ideal for use with VS 600 FZ 10, shank dia.

No. 491391


Rev. cutter for bit 491084 4x

Reversible cutter for 491084, HW-WP 12x12x1,5; Qty.

No. 491085


Rebating cutter HW 38mm

Rebating cutter with reversible carbide tips, shank dia.

No. 492666


Chamfer bit w/bear HW 33.5mm

Chamfer bit with ball bearing, HW, D33.

No. 492668


Chamfer bit undercut HW 66.5mm

Chamfer bit undercut w/ball bearing, HW, D66.

9 Products
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