1 2 Shank for Router Bits

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No. 491391


Rev. cutter for bit 491084 4x

Reversible cutter for 491084, HW-WP 12x12x1,5; Qty.

No. 491082


Flush trim bit HW 19/20mm

Flush trim bit, HW, D19/20 WM Z2K2, shank dia.

No. 491084


Edge trimming bit HW 30.5mm

Edge trimming bit, HW Z2, D30.

No. 491085


Rebating cutter HW 38mm

Rebating cutter with reversible carbide tips, shank dia.

No. 491080


Straight bit HW 12x30mm

Straight bit, HW, D12/30 WP Z1, shank dia.

No. 492662


No. 491078


Straight bit HW 8x20mm

Straight bit, HW D8/20 WP Z1, shank dia.

No. 492668


Chamfer bit undercut HW 66.5mm

Chamfer bit undercut w/ball bearing, HW, D66.

No. 491079


Straight bit HW 10x25mm

Straight bit, HW, D10/25 WP Z1, ideal for use with VS 600 FZ 10, shank dia.

No. 492666


Chamfer bit w/bear HW 33.5mm

Chamfer bit with ball bearing, HW, D33.

10 Products
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