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Router Bits for Routers

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No. 491007


Plunge ovolo bit HW 23mm R6

Beading bit, HW, D23/R6, shank dia.

No. 490988


Dovetail bit HSS 14.3mm 15

Dovetail bit, HS, D14,3/13,5/15 degree, shank dia.

No. 491004


Plunge ovolo bit HW 17mm R3

Beading bit, HW, D17/R3, shank dia.

No. 491001


V-groove bit HW 32x16mm 90

Drywall V-groove bit, HW, D32/90 degree, shank dia.

No. 491391


Rev. cutter for bit 491084 4x

Reversible cutter for 491084, HW-WP 12x12x1,5; Qty.

No. 490973


Straight/mortise bit HW 22x20mm

Straight bit, HW, D22/B20, shank dia.

No. 491085


Rebating cutter HW 38mm

Rebating cutter with reversible carbide tips, shank dia.

No. 491006


Plunge ovolo bit HW 21mm R5

Beading bit, HW, D21/R5, shank dia.

No. 492666


Chamfer bit w/bear HW 33.5mm

Chamfer bit with ball bearing, HW, D33.

No. 492668


Chamfer bit undercut HW 66.5mm

Chamfer bit undercut w/ball bearing, HW, D66.

40 Products
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