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No. 495188


Auxiliary Front Handle

Added stability and control for polishing .

No. 497483


Backing Pad for Extended Plate for RO 90

For use with slat sanding pads.

No. 491199



For use with the Festool LS 130 EQ Sander.

No. 487871


Turbo Dust Bag 25X

Disposable paper dust bag for turbo dust extraction when active dust extraction is not available.

No. 481523


Hole Punch

Hole punch for the use of dust extraction with standard sheet abrasives on the RS 2 E Sander.

No. 489129


Turbo Dust Bag Set

Paper dust bag with plastic holder for use with Turbo Dust Extraction .

No. 493913


Edge Protector

Replacement Edge Protector for the RO 150 FEQ Rotex Sander.

No. 496801


Front end protector for RO 90 DX

Protects adjacent surfaces from contact with sander.

No. 488717


Base plate

Replacement base plate for improved pad support .

No. 484727


Brush Insert, Plastic

Replacement dust-deflecting brushes for use with the RAS 115 Rotary Sander.

26 Products
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