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MPA 5000 Grit Polishing Compound - 499021

One-step sanding polish now with improved formula - for maximum abrasion and a high gloss finish in a single step! Festool polishes are water-based and contain a silicone-free formula that has a low solvent content and is completely harmless to the environment and personal health.Best results with improved formula for maximum abrasiveness and a high gloss finish.. Low viscosity for simple application from the bottle and polishing without spraying off. Does not harm the environment or health: water-based and silicone-free. Low solvent content.. Polishing Compound, 5000 grit. Water based. 500 mL.

  • Water-based polish with equivalent 5000 sanding/polishing grit
  • Suitable for all clear coat surfaces, VOC clear coats (water-based and UV clear coats) and scratch-resistant paint systems
  • 1-Step sanding polish
  • Removes deep scratches