An opportunity to save with certified reconditioned tools.

Reconditioned Tools If you've been thinking about getting your first Festool power tool or expanding your current stack of Systainers, this may be the best time! We are currently offering a rare opportunity to purchase Festool factory-certified reconditioned tools at substantial savings to customers in the continental United States only from participating Festool authorized dealers, while supplies last. Please note that inventory is limited and available on a first come basis. Check back periodically because tools may be added to the list.

All sales are final, however we do guarantee that the tool will be received in good working order and complete. Reconditioned tools are covered by a one-year warranty. Condition varies based on discount level of 10%, 20% or 30% and tool age cannot be guaranteed. Please note tools are annotated depending on whether they are in a Classic or T-LOC Systainer.

Tool Condition by Discount Level.

See below for descriptions of available reconditioned tools based on discount level. As a general rule, the more wear and tear a tool exhibits, the greater the discount. Though classification is somewhat subjective, the following should be used as a general guide. Check out this video from a customer that purchased Festool reconditioned tools for his impressions of their condition.

10% Discount Level - Unused tools. Original packaging with slight impairment (damaged, labeled and/or dirty).
20% Discount Level - Slightly used tools. Original packaging with slight impairment (damaged, labeled and /or dirty).
30% Discount Level - Moderately used tools. Original packaging damaged (tears, spots and dust).

Sorry, our most recent reconditioning sale has ended.
Please check back periodically for new tools!

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