Track Saws

TSC 55 Imp. Cordless Basic

  • Splinter-free cuts
  • Precise, straight cuts
  • Virtually dust-free*
  • Cordless panel saw
  • 1-15/16" cut capacity
  • TSC 55 Accessories

TSC 55 Imp. Cordless Li XL

  • Includes battery & charger
  • Splinter-free, precise cuts
  • Virtually dust-free*
  • 1-15/16" cut capacity
  • TSC 55 Accessories

TSC 55 Imp. Cordless Li XL-FS

TS 55 REQ Imp.

  • Splinter-free cuts
  • Precise, straight cuts
  • Virtually dust-free*
  • Portable panel saw
  • 1-15/16" cut capacity
  • TS 55 REQ Accessories

TS 75 Imp.

  • Splinter-free cuts
  • Precise, straight cuts
  • Virtually dust-free*
  • Portable panel saw
  • 2-3/4" cut capacity
  • TS 75 Accessories

Guide Rail Tracks

* When used in conjunction with a Festool CT Dust Extractor.

Benefits of Festool Plunge Cut Track Saws.

  • Set up precision cuts of any length in seconds with the guide rail's zero clearance splinterguard.
  • Change the FastFix saw blade in just a few simple steps.
  • Reduce clean-up time and maintain a healthier work environment with integrated dust extraction design.
  • Do the work of a radial arm saw, miter saw, and table saw with panel saw-precision all in one saw.
  • MMC electronics offer soft start, constant speed under load, variable speed, temperature and overload protection.
  • Cut more accurately with easy depth adjustment in mm increments.
  • Deliver finish-quality cuts the first time with the guide rail, eliminating rework and material waste.
  • Achieve cleaner cuts with no tear- out with the splinterguard.
  • Triple motor bearing extends service life — three bearings take the load.

TS 55 plunge cut track saw

Setting the standard for precision.

Festool TS Plunge Cut Saws deliver the capabilities of a table saw, a miter saw, a radial arm saw, and even a panel saw, all with unmatched precision in a compact, portable design. Festool invented the guide rail/saw over 45 years ago, and has continuously set new and higher standards for laser-straight precision- cutting with the TS plunge-cut saws.

Glue-ready cuts every time.

Want to experience a saw that makes laser-straight cuts every time? Or make a cutout in a very expensive piece of wood? How about creating glue-ready cuts without the need for rework? Well, the TS saws can do all of this and more.

Big on power, small in size, the TS 55 makes quick work of sheet goods with greater accuracy and far more versatility than a panel saw. When paired with the MFT/3, it rivals the precision and capability of virtually every table saw or miter saw available. And, nothing beats the convenience of the TS 55 for cutting down panels.

TS 75 plunge cut track saw

When you need more capacity, turn to the TS 75. MMC electronics mean that cuts will be burn-free and glue- ready, even in thick or stacked material. Plus, with the slip clutch, the risk of kickback is minimized. With 1600 watts of power and almost 2-3/4" of cutting capacity, cutting three or four sheets at a time is a breeze.

Plunge Cut Track Saw Applications.

Can your circular saw make an absolute straight cut, out of the box, every time? Can your circular saw make a cut out in a very expensive piece of wood without you sweating over how it will turn out? Can your circular saw create glue-ready cuts without the need of rework? Maybe it is time to upgrade!

Festool guide rail tracks

The TS plunge cut saws can be used to create glue ready edges on rough stock material. Trimming and fitting doors and cabinets is a breeze when using a TS saw and guide rail.

The splinterguard and guide rail system make it possible to have splinterfree cuts on both sides of the blade. And a large assortment of blades means that almost all of your cutting requirements are covered. When used with the MFT/3 system, the TS saws become portable workshops. Cross-cutting, and mitering is simple, quick, and precise.

Comparison of Festool track saw models.

Below, you will find a comprehensive list of specifications for each of the plunge cut track saw models in the Festool line.

TS 55 TS 75
Standard Package Includes
High-Quality Carbide Blade 48-Tooth 36-Tooth
Guide Rail Included 55" (1400 mm) 75" (1900 mm)
Limit Stop
Splinter Guard
Plug-It Power Cord
Slip Clutch
Systainer SYS 4 SYS 5
Power Consumption 1200 watts /
10 amps 120 v AC
1600 watts /
13 amps 120 v AC
Saw Blade Speed 2,000 - 5,000 rpm 1,350 - 3,550 rpm
Saw Blade Diameter 6 1/4" (160 mm) 8 1/4" (210 mm)
Bevel Cuts 0° - 45° 0° - 45°
Cutting Depth On Guide Rail 1 15/16" (50 mm) straight down
and 1 7/16" (37 mm) at 45°
2 3/4" (70 mm) straight down
and 2 1/8" (55 mm) at 45°
Cutting Depth Without Guide Rail 2 1/8" (55 mm) straight down 2 15/16" (75 mm) straight down
Arbor Size .787" (20 mm) 1.101" (30 mm)
Weight 9.92 Lbs. (4.5 Kg) 13.6 Lbs. (6.2 Kg)

See it in action!

Darcy Warner

Watch video of Darcy Warner of Warner Remodeling explaining why the Festool Track Saw is the most important tool in his arsenal and find out why a track saw should be your next tool.

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