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Item number 500177

Edge Bander Trimming Set KB-KA 65 SYS

For KA 65


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Includes KB-KA 65 SYS

  • CONTURO Edge Bander Magazine
  • 20x StickFix abrasive sheets GR 80x133 P320
  • CONTURO Edge Bander Auxiliary Roller
  • HSK-80x133 Rectangular Sanding Block (Hard)
  • Edge Banding Trimmer
  • Edge Banding Carbide Scraper
  • CONTURO Edge Bander StickFix Base
  • HSK Polishing Felt, 5-Pack
  • Vlies S800 Grit Abrasives for RTS 400 / LS 130 Sanders
  • MPA 5010 OR polish

The Edge Trimming Kit is a collection of accessories for the CONTURO Edge Bander and other components to help you achieve the perfect edge. These products are available individually, but the Edge Trimming Kit is the most cost effective way to purchase.

Includes Edge Banding Reel, Additional Roller, Edge Banding Trimmer, Scraper, StickFix Base Kit with 3x Felt Pad, 5x Polishing Felt, 20x Abrasive Sheets StickFix Brilliant 2 80 x 133 P320, Hand-Sanding Block 80 x 133 mm, 5x StickFix Sanding Cloth S 800, MPA 6000 Polishing Compound in a SYSTAINER SYS 4 T-LOC.

This set can also be bundled with the CONTURO Edge Bander as a set for additional savings. See your Festool dealer for details.

This product is not available in Canada.

  • Significant savings versus purchasing individual items separately
  • Complete package containing all components necessary to achieve perfect edge banding results
  • Expands the capabilities of the CONTURO KA 65 Hand Held Edge Bander
  • Contains an edge banding trimmer capable of cutting edge banding up to 2mm thick
  • Contains a carbide scraper for removing small imperfections plastic edge banding

Includes KB-KA 65 SYS


Edge Bander Trimming Set

  • Accessories
    Edge Bander Magazine

    KSP-KA 65

  • Accessories
    Auxiliary Roller

    ZR-KA 65

  • Accessories
    Sanding Block

    HSK 80x133 H

  • Accessories
    Edge Banding Trimmer

    KP 65/2

  • Accessories

    ZK HW 45/45

  • Accessories
    Edge Bander StickFix Base

    LAS-STF-KA 65

  • Accessories
    Polishing felt

    PF-STF 80x133 STF H/5

  • Accessories
    Sanding vlies

    STF 80x130 SF 800 VL/5

  • Accessories
    Polishing Compound

    MPA 5010 OR/0,5L


  • Edge Bander Magazine KSP-KA 65

    For KA 65

    Item number: 499479

  • Edge Bander StickFix Base LAS-STF-KA 65

    For KA 65

    Item number: 499892

  • Polishing felt PF-STF 80x133 STF H/5

    For hand sanding block HSK 80 x 133

    Item number: 499894

  • Auxiliary Roller ZR-KA 65

    For KA 65

    Item number: 499480

  • Edge Banding Trimmer KP 65/2

    Item number: 499896

  • Scraper ZK HW 45/45

    Item number: 499749

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