Global compliance structure

The compliance organisation at Festool consists of the following instruments:

  • The code of conduct is a central part of the Festool compliance system and is intended as a guideline both for our employees and for our business partners. We define the key principles that guide our actions.
  • We have developed and implemented additional preventative and regulatory measures to ensure that our employees are not only aware of the subject matter, but also have a deep and increasing appreciation for integrity. In particular, this involves regular compliance training sessions and the practical application of the four eyes principle.
  • One of Festool's primary concerns is honest and open cooperation. Transparency is key. A reporting system complements our compliance organisation. Here, questions can be asked and breaches of compliance reported. All information is treated as confidential.

With its three building blocks, the compliance organisation at Festool provides a good basis for enabling employees and their business partners to act safely in their everyday business. The compliance organisation sets a good basis for this.

Any questions?

Please feel free to contact the Compliance Officer directly:

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