Graffiti art with the Rotex 

Graffiti is no longer just confined to spray painting. Philipp Schwingeler produces graffiti out of wood, turning it into impressive sculptures. Sanding is a crucial part of his artistic creative process, because even with graffiti, it is important to be able to reach difficult places. Philipp Schwingeler's art therefore makes him the perfect candidate to test the Rotex. In his "From birch to an E" project, the Rotex was able to show what it's really capable of.

From birch to an "E"
First the "E" was designed and then converted into a computer file, so that the water jet machine could cut out the motif. Next, four birch multiplex boards, with a thickness of 30 mm, were bonded together, and the motif was cut out with the water jet.

The Rotex was used after the cutting process. The first sanding process was completed with a grit dispersion of 120, followed by a grit dispersion of 150. The piece of art was then primed on both sides. After drying, the "E" was given a clear top coat.

The ease of ROTEX

The first thing Philipp Schwingeler noticed was that the Rotex was incredibly lightweight and easy to handle. He found it very quiet and smooth, which made using machine extremely comfortable to use. The artist found the change from disc sander to Delta sander particularly impressive. Not only was it very easy, but it was also very quick. It was precisely this function that helped the artist to reach places on the object that the normal disc sander could not reach.

Overall, Philipp Schwingeler really enjoyed using the Rotex and had nothing but positive experiences with it.

About Form-Schlüssig – graffiti art in wood

Philipp Schwingeler has been an active graffiti artist since 1996. He began creating his art in wood by chance. He then completed a carpentry apprenticeship and founded Form-Schlüssig. His art epitomises unique design and high-quality results that are comfortable and long-lasting. Above all, however, it represents a passion for combining traditional woodwork with modern graffiti art.
In addition to various exhibitions, Schwingeler also offers workshops, passing on his skills to others. 

For more information, go to www.Form-Schlü

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