Drywall sander

Long-reach sander

Easy, intuitive, maintenance-free – it has never been easier to prepare rooms for dry mortarless construction than with the Festool professional long-reach sander. Thanks to the optimum force transmission, sanding walls and ceilings is a work step which can be carried out quickly. This is the work of a powerful motor which is not equipped with a flexible shaft but instead has a direct drive. Thanks to their perfect ergonomics, which have been developed for manual operation, the long-reach sanders are particularly convenient to handle. This combination of power, functionality and intuitive operation ensures precise and impressive sanding results.

  • Sanding and brushing
    PLANEX easy LHS-E 225 drywall sander
    LHS-E 225 EQ
  • Sanding and brushing
    Drywall sander PLANEX LHS 225
    LHS 225 EQ-Plus/SW