Easy, one-handed control with D-handle grip

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Product number 561455

Jigsaw PSB 300 EQ-Plus

PSB 300 EQ-Plus

Set versions


  • 2x saw blade
  • splinterguard

250.00 USD

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Includes PSB 300 EQ-Plus

  • 2x saw blade
  • splinterguard

Easy, one-handed control with D-handle grip

The secret to splinter-free cuts is full material support at the cutting point. Trion jigsaw splinter guards are designed to be cut by the blade for perfect zero-clearance between the blade and the splinterguard. The resultant cut is clean through the entire piece with little or no finishing required. The D-handle PSB 300 features a finger tip trigger and smaller profile grip. The PSB 300 has all the qualities of the PS 300, with the addition of a comfortable D-handle for easy one-handed use.

  • Carbide guidance system keeps the blade perpendicular to the shoe for improved cut results, even in thick stock.
  • Zero clearance splinterguard are solid one-piece inserts that are cut with the blade mounted in the machine for a clean, splinter-free cut.
  • Dust extraction channels integrated in the base plate coupled with a clear chip deflector a rear dust extraction port provide for cleaner work area.
  • MMC electronics provide soft start to reduce start up jolts, variable speed to match the speed to the material, and constant speed under load.

  • MMC Eletronics

    Features soft-start, variable speed control so the blade speed matches the material; constant speed under load for consistent blade tip speed, and improved cut quality.

  • Dual-Port Dust Extraction & Chip Deflector

    Channels integrated in the base plate, coupled with the chip deflector, provide effective dust extraction.

  • Variable stroke

    Four unique stroke settings vary from straight plunge action for smooth cuts to aggressive orbital action for rapid cuts.

  • Carbide guidance system

    Rigidly supports the blade at exactly the pre-set angle, reducing blade wander in tight radius cuts; eliminating cutting errors, spoiled workpieces, or need for rework.

  • Zero Clearance Splinterguard

    Solid one-piece splinterguards are cut with the blade mounted in the machine. This gives you precise zero clearance for ultra clean cuts with no splinters or tear out.

  • FastFix

    Allows for quick, tool-free blade changes. FastFix lever angles and opens the chuck for easy blade removal.

  • Non-Marring Sub-Base

    The non-marring, plastic sub-base allows you to work on finished material without concern for damage or marking.

  • 13' Plug-It power cord

    Festool Plug-It system allows you to quickly switch between the jigsaw and just about any other tool, reducing downtime, and simplifying packing.

  • Dual Bevel Base

    45° dual bevel for angled cuts and a zero degree detent for perpendicular cuts.

  • D-Handle Grip Design

    A D-Handle design, found to be easier to use and more comfortable for most hobbyists.


Stroke rate
1 000 - 2 900 RPM
Pendulum cover adjustment in stages
5.29 lbs (2.4 kg)
Cutting depth in wood
4-3/4" (120 mm)
Cutting depth in steel (soft)
3/8" (10 mm)
Power consumption
720 watt
Cutting depth in NF metals
3/4" (20 mm)

Includes PSB 300 EQ-Plus



  • saw blade

  • splinterguard


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