36-Month Comprehensive Warranty

Wear parts included.

36-month comprehensive warranty
If something is faulty, it is repaired free of charge. This includes labor, spare parts and all wear parts. For 36 months. For tools that are registered and within warranty we even pay for the shipping to our Repair Center as well as the return shipping back to you. This eliminates the cost risk for you and saves time that can be invested in your work.

Register for SERVICE all-inclusive

  • Register your tool for SERVICE all-inclusive online.
  • The warranty process is fast and easy. Simply go to the online repair request form to begin the repair process.

The service in detail.

Warranty claims are valid if

  • the delivered machine is proven to have material or manufacturing faults.
  • Wear parts (in particular carbon brushes, ball bearings, rubber sleeves, battery packs, sealing rings and switches) are demonstrably damaged due to natural wear with proper use of the device.

 Warranty claims are not valid if

  • consumable materials and accessories become damaged, in particular sanding pads, abrasive sheets, plug-it cables, saw blades, router bits, stirring rods, cutting blades, cutting accessories and drill bits.
  • instructions in the operating manual or other documents accompanying individual machines relating to the connection, installation, commissioning, operation, use and maintenance of machines are ignored.
  • the machines are used improperly or damaged externally (as a result of falls or impacts), machine defects occur as a result of the use of non-original accessories or spare parts.
  • machines are modified, dismantled or components are added.
  • machines are used for continuous work in industrial applications resulting in extensive wear, or are used persistently for applications that place an above-average load on the machine.

The full terms and conditions of SERVICE all-inclusive can be found in the Festool service terms and conditions.


Find an answer in our FAQs or contact us directly
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    SERVICE all-inclusive

    Your tools are your livelihood, and we'll treat them like they're our own — with care, accuracy, and speed.

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    10-year spare part availability

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  • Try it risk-free

    30-day money-back guarantee

    Don't like the tool you've bought? You can get the full purchase price back up to 30 days after the date of purchase.

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** “Free of charge repairs” do not apply for damage to consumable materials and accessories, improper use, damage caused by the use of non-original accessories or spare parts, and in the event that tools are dismantled or continuously subjected to use resulting in extensive wear.