CT Compact MINI MIDI with Bluetooth

Compact power. Clean results.

Introducing the re-imagined CT MINI I and CT MIDI I dust extractors. Available Now.

The new CT MINI I and CT MIDI I dust extractors

With the new CT MINI I, Festool affirms its place as the industry-leading, no-compromise pioneers of dust extraction. More than a mere update of the previous CT MINI, the new CT MINI I reimagines what a dust extractor can be. Powerful yet portable. Technically advanced yet easy to use. Durable yet adjustable to your unique needs.
  • Easy to move thanks to compact dimensions, low weight, and robust chassis
  • Touch controls for intuitive operation of the dust extractor
  • Start and stop your CT Dust Extractor remotely with use of the integrated Bluetooth technology
  • Get more life from your filter and filter bag by using the new manual filter cleaning feature
  • Change dust filters quickly, easily, and tool-free
  • Safely and cleanly transport the smooth suction hose with the internal hose garage
  • Connect easily to SYSTAINER storage system
  • Compact power

    Both the CT MIDI I and CT MINI I are the perfect combination of power and portability. They feature huge suction power inside of machines that are compact enough to easily move and store. Quickly bring your CT Dust Extractor wherever you need it without sacrificing performance or power.
  • The best solution for the cleanest job sites

    The CT MIDI I and CT MINI I are the ideal answers for creating clean and efficient work spaces. Whether in your workshop or in the field, they give you more of what you need most — time. By reducing your cleanup work and integrating with the Festool system, these compact dust extractors help you do more work in less time. The CT MIDI I and CT MINI I carry full-unit HEPA certification and are OSHA compliant.
  • Efficiency and ease

    With a broad set of features, the CT MIDI I and CT MINI I have countless ways to make your work easier and faster. From the integrated Bluetooth technology to the new external filter replacement to the new internal hose holder, they are carefully crafted with every detail in mind.

Key features

  • Integrated Bluetooth® technology

    For switching on the mobile dust extractor automatically using the remote control or the Bluetooth® battery pack. No retrofitting required.
  • Touch operation

    Innovative, intuitive touch control panel instead of rotary knobs – for extremely simple operation even when wearing gloves and when dirt builds up. The dust extractor starts up in automatic mode immediately after being switched on.
  • Full-unit HEPA certification

    Along with all other Festool CT Dust Extractors (with the exception of the CT 36 AC AutoClean), the new CT MINI I and CT MIDI I have full-unit HEPA certification.
  • A place for everything

    The large internal hose holder makes it even easier to stow the smooth suction hose, ensuring safe and clean transport. Nothing sticks out.
  • Manual cleaning

    Manual main filter and filter bag cleaning allows you to restore suction power when the filter or filter bag gets clogged, for a significant increase in filling capacity.
  • Filter change from the outside

    Quick, lightweight and with no need for tools.
The "I" is for "Interconnected".
The new CT MINI I and CT MIDI I dust extractors are equipped with directly integrated Bluetooth® technology. This allows you to operate the mobile dust extractor easily using a remote control.

Via the remote control

This saves you the inconvenience of having to go over to the mobile dust extractor.

Via Bluetooth® battery packs

Already available as 5.2 Ah and 6.2 Ah versions, now with the extremely light and powerful 3.1 Ah Ergo battery pack and 3.1 Ah compact battery pack. The Bluetooth® battery packs communicate with the mobile dust extractor and start it automatically as soon as the power tool is switched on.

For real time savings when sanding

The new CT MINI and MIDI are particularly impressive when used in combination with cordless sanders and the Bluetooth® Ergo battery packs. The battery pack communicates with the mobile dust extractor and starts it automatically as soon as the cordless sander is switched on, providing you with optimal mobility and comfort on any construction site.