Festool Roadshow

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The Festool Roadshow

Rolling across the US and Canada!
Upcoming dates
New dates and cities are added monthly.

ETS 125 REQ Giveaway!

Attend the Festool Roadshow for your chance to win!

Someone who attends each Festool Roadshow stop will win a ETS 125 REQ random orbit sander! Will it be you?

You must attend to enter. The winner will randomly be selected within 10 days of the event and posted on festoolroadshow.com.

  • Sweepstakes winners

    June 2 - Lee Valley Halifax - Paul Evans

    June 8 - Homesport Supply - John Fielding

    June 9 - Hammond Lumber - Peter Bruce

    June 19 - Burns Tools - Steve Rodrigues

Common Questions

Why hasn't the Festool Roadshow come to __________ yet?

We're visiting as many dealers throughout North America as quickly as we can. As you can imagine, it will take some time for us to do. All of our stops are done in partnership with an authorized Festool dealer. If you want the Festool Roadshow to visit your area, the best thing to do is speak to a local dealer near you.

What tools will you have on the Festool Roadshow truck?

We have a variety of tools, accessories, and consumables including the following:

  • Newly redesigned CT Dust Extractors
  • New cordless sanders
  • Kapex Compound Sliding Miter Saw
  • Track Saws - TS 55, TSC 55 and TS 75
  • HK 55 and HKC 55 Carpentry Saws
  • Vac Sys Suction-Based Clamping System
  • Conturo Edge Banding System
  • Routers - OF 1100, OF 1400 and OF 2200
  • Various Sanders
  • Various cordless drills
  • Various CT Dust Extractors

Can I buy tools at the Roadshow?

Festool will not be selling directly from the truck. However, Roadshow stops are done in partnership with Festool dealers, who will usually have the tools for sale on that day. If you are interested in a particular product, the best option is to contact the dealer of that Roadshow event and ask about the product's availability.

The exception to this is any Festool Roadshow event that is associated with a tradeshow or a larger event such as Festool Connect.

Will you have giveaways or swag at the Roadshow?

Most Festool Roadshow events include free swag including t-shirts, beverage koozies, and hats. Availability of swag cannot be guaranteed and will vary at each event.

Where did you get the truck?

Our truck was built and operated by Spevco, a mobile and experience marketing company out of North Carolina.