Using the 2020 Festool Interactive Catalog

The new 2020 Festool USA catalog is available in an exciting new interactive version. The interactive catalog allows you to access an enhanced, clickable version of our catalog easily on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Here’s how to make the most of the interactive catalog:

Click for additional product details: Many images and products can be clicked to quickly find the product page

Click for accessories and consumables: The interactive catalog includes many opportunities to click to find full lists of products and other useful information.

Make notes: The interactive catalog includes a note-taking feature that will allow you to create various reminders and messages for yourself.

Search: On the upper-righthand corner of the catalog, you’ll find a search function. Use it to quickly find what you’re looking for by searching by product name, product number, or other keywords

Download as PDF: If you want a PDF version of the catalog — or any individual page of it — there is a feature to download it as a PDF. This is helpful if you want to send specific product information to a customer.

Videos: Watch Festool videos directly from the catalog.