Power Tools

  • Dust Extractors

    Our CT Dust Extractors connect effortlessly with our tools and capture fine particles at the source. This allows quicker cleanup, creates smoother finishes, extends the life of your tools, and protects the air you breathe. Click for more
  • Track Saws

    For countless Festool users, this is where it starts. The award winning track saws. Considering what these combined tools make possible, it’s easy to see why. Click for more
  • Sanders

    It's not just about smoothing a surface. It's about creating the perfect surface — with minimal dust and maximum efficiency. Click for more
  • Storage

    Festool organization cuts wasted time out of every workday, which means adding dollars back to your bottom line. With our award-winning SYSTAINERS as the basis of a well-organized worksite or shop, you’ll spend less time searching and more time working. Click for more
  • Routers

    Our routers surpass the most demanding requirements. But even more surprising is the versatility, accuracy, and ergonomic comfort and control present across the lineup. Couple Click for more
  • Jigsaws

    Festool jigsaws offer incredible precision, speed, and splinter-free cutting. Follow any scribe line without wandering. Spend less time sanding or reworking. Click for more
  • DOMINO joiners

    Stronger than biscuits and dowels. Faster than standard mortise and tenons. Nothing compares to the DOMINO. Click for more
  • Drills & Drivers

    Our high-RPM motors deliver speed, and our ergonomically well-balanced designs keep you working comfortably all day long. Click for more
  • Sliding Compound Miter Saw

    The KAPEX KS 120 is the most precise miter saw available. Period. When even the smallest detail matters, choosing the right tool matters, too. Click for more
  • VAC SYS Clamping

    Effectively clamp material or a workpiece for effortless machining and finishing while protecting delicate surfaces from clamp damage. Click for more
  • VECTURO oscillating multi-tool

    The ultimate in versatility, the VECTURO oscillating multi-tool combines limitless functionality and power with exceptional controllability, delivering precise results in the trickiest of places. Click for more
  • Sanding Abrasives

    We take sanding seriously. Getting the right abrasive is just as important as getting the right sander. Explore our full line of abrasives. Click for more