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Item number 491622

Guide Rail FS FS 2424/2-LR 32

FS 1400/2-LR 32 FS 2424/2-LR 32

Set versions


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The FS FS 2424/2-LR 32 Guide Rail (95 inches) was designed specifically for use with Festool Routers and the LR 32 Hole Drilling System to construct cabinets using the European frameless 32mm system for shelf pins and hardware. Also, use the LR 32 System for line boring, or setting shelf pins in panels up to any length. Festool FS Guide rails are available in eight different lengths from 32 inches to 197 inches (800 - 5000 mm), providing the right rail for every application. For cutting applications, the integrated splinterguard aligns perfectly to your cut line, saving set up time and serving as protection against tear out, on cuts both with the grain and across. Guide rails can be easily connected using the accessory guide rail connectors for a rigid, secure and continuous connection. Guide rails make work easier by taking the tool to the work, and save time and money by eliminating laborious measurements, rework and wasted material. Use the FS 2424/2-LR 32 Guide Rail (95 inches) with the Festool Plunge cut saw to cut material up to 89 inches. Connect rails using Festool Guide Rail Connectors to make limitless cuts.

  • Combine this guide rail with the Festool LR 32 Hole Drilling System to efficiently build European style 32mm cabinets
  • Quickly and easily align and machine holes for shelf pins and 35 millimeter cup hinges
  • A fully integrated system, use your Festool routers, plunge saws, or jigsaws with the guide rail for expanded capability
  • Guide strip reduces friction between the tool and guide rail for easier, more fluid cutting action
  • With row of holes


96" (2424 mm)

Includes FS 2424/2-LR 32


Guide Rail FS

in carton


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