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Item number 574368

Module edge router MFK 700 EQ-Set

MFK 700 EQ-Set MFK 700 EQ/B-Plus

Set versions


  • dia. 5/16" clamping collet (8 mm)
  • 1.5 Degree Horizontal Base Unit for MFK Router
  • extraction hood
  • wrench


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Includes MFK 700 EQ-Set

  • dia. 5/16" clamping collet (8 mm)
  • 1.5 Degree Horizontal Base Unit for MFK Router
  • extraction hood
  • wrench

Precision and flexibility in a trim router

With its modular design and tool-less base changes, the MFK 700 can easily transform from a vertical to a horizontal position with a few simple steps. Trim laminate and edge band or rout grooves for inlays easily with the light weight and maneuverable MFK 700. Packed with features, this trim router saves you money by allowing you to use bearing-less bits when used with the attachable base feeler bearing. 1/256" (1/10 mm) fine depth adjustments and exceptional dust extraction make this an ideal router for all of your light routing tasks.

Due to the nature of the horizontal base design, there is a limit to the bit size for use in this configuration. Do not use a bit with a cutting length greater than 5/8" (16 mm) and a shank length of 1-13/16" (46 mm). For greatest range of adjustment a 3/4" (19 mm) bit diameter is recommended.

Recommended Festool bits - 491 666 and 491 670 for trimming of edge banding with horizontal base.

  • Powerful 720 watt (6.0 amp) motor can easily tackle most trimming, profiling and routing applications with variable speed and detachable cord.
  • Vertical and horizontal extra-wide bases provides ample support area for maximum control especially near edges or on narrow stock.
  • Micro-adjustable depth control to 1/256 inch (1/10 mm) with dual locking columns for precise routing control.
  • Threaded insert to accept template guides and phenolic resin baseplate to easily glide on a surface without marring the material to be routed.

Product details

  • MMC Electronic & Variable Speed Control

    MMC electronics improve cut performance and extend the life of the tool, delivering features such as soft start, constant speed under load, and thermal and overload protection.

  • 720 Watt Motor

    The MFK 700 Router is equipped with a powerful 720 Watt motor. That's just shy of one horsepower! With that much power, you can easily tackle most trimming, profiling and routing applications. The motor utilizes onboard thermal monitoring to protect against overload and soft start technology ensuring long service life.

  • Multiple collet sizes

    1/4" and 8 mm collets available, allowing the use of a large variety of bits for broader routing applications.

  • Tool-Less Base System

    Quickly and easily change between the horizontal and vertical bases supplied with the MFK 700. All components of the MFK 700 router set can be attached and removed without tools. Simply give the locking knob three turns to loosen or tighten the locking mechanism for the bases. Increase productivity with the modular design of the MFK 700 base system. One router motor, multiple routing applications.

  • Super Fine Micro-Adjustment

    Most routing applications require very strict tolerances. The MFK 700 utilizes a super fine micro-adjustment knob allowing fine tuning of the cut depth with an accuracy of 1/10 of a millimeter! The super fine micro-adjustment knob is clearly labeled to show which direction the bit will move. Dual locking knobs prevent movement once the depth has been set.

  • Control

    Being able to confidently control the MFK 700 is made possible by several unique features. The integrated guide handle on the vertical and horizontal bases provide comfort and control while routing. The guide handle also acts as one of two mechanisms for locking the micro-adjustable depth of cut.

  • Quad Center Line Reference Marks

    As with all Festool routers, the MFK 700 has a center line indention on each side of the vertical base. This visual reference point allows you to align the center of the bit with the cut line. No more guessing where the center of the bit falls on your workpiece. Used in conjunction with the parallel edge guide, easily position the router.

  • Wide Bases

    Both the horizontal and vertical bases for the MFK 700 offer a large, stable bearing surface. In conjunction with the guide handle, these features improve your ability to control and guide the router.

  • Dust extraction

    Above and below-base dust extraction for nearly dust-free edge forming or other standard routing operations.

  • Base Plate And Threaded Insert

    The MFK 700 features a base plate material that is designed to prevent scratches, glide easily and create a stable & flat bearing surface. The vertical base includes a threaded insert which accepts template guides adding to the overwhelming versatility of this router.

  • Edge Guide

    Parallel edge guide accessory for guided fluting and grooved cuts. (Parallel Edge Guide 495 182 sold separately.)

  • Swivel Dust Extraction Connector

    Festool engineers paid attention to every detail when designing the MFK 700. The standard swiveling dust extraction connector is no exception. The swivel connector allows the dust extractor hose to move freely and prevents binding.

  • Auxiliary Handle

    Increased controllability with two grip positions for two-handed operation.

  • Sliding Dust Cover

    1/256" (1/10 mm) fine adjustment for precision trimming applications.

  • Horizontal Base

    The horizontal base unit of the MFK 700 has a Sliding Dust Cover. The cover prevents dust from exiting the top of the router when not using the supplied Dust Extraction Hood.

  • Dust Extraction Hood

    The horizontal base has a 1.5° offset from the axis of the spindle. The purpose of this angled design is to eliminate the need for additional filing or sanding when trimming edge banding. Greatly improve accuracy and proficiency with the time saving feature. A 0° horizontal base is also available separately.

  • Systainer Carrying Case

    One of the fundamental design principles for any Festool power tool is dust extraction and once you have experienced working in a dust free environment you will quickly learn the benefits which include a healthy work space, the ability to see the workpiece better and less clean up time. The MFK 700 includes offers a variety of dust extraction options for every possible application.

  • Sensor Bearing Guide

    Nearly every tool manufactured by Festool comes in a durable, modular Systainer carrying case. The MFK 700 Set will be supplied in a Systainer #2 which accommodates the tool and all available accessories. Systainers protect your tool from damage in transit and are stackable. Look like a professional when you walk onto the jobsite.

  • 13' Plug-It power cord

    Use the Sensor Bearing Guide, a standard component of the horizontal base set, to aid in guiding the router around the workpiece. The smooth, controlled movement of the Sensor Bearing Guide will ensure that you end up with a perfect cut even around corners or irregular shapes. By removing the bearing from the bit, the service life of the bit and bearing are increased as a result of less heat and friction.

  • Phenolic base

    Cord design enables rapid interchangeability with most other Festool tools, reducing downtime between tool changeovers.


Idle engine speed
10 000 - 26 000 RPM
4.19 lbs (1.9 kg)
Dust extraction connection dia.
1-1/16" (27 mm)
Collet dia.
1/4" - 5/16" (6 - 8 mm)
Power consumption
720 watt
Routing depth fine adjustment range
1/2" (14 mm)
Max. cutter diameter
1-1/4" (32 mm)

Includes MFK 700 EQ-Set


Module edge router

  • Accessories

    SZ-D 8/OF 1000

  • Accessories
    Router Table

    FT-MFK 700 1,5° Set

Brochures and operating instructions


  • Router Table

    FT 0°

    Item number: 491427

  • Router Table

    FT-MFK 700 1,5° Set

    Item number: 495165

  • Edge Guide

    SA-MFK 700

    Item number: 495182

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